Have you been wanting to record audio for your business—but have no idea where to start?

If you are anything like the people I work with…

  • You’re looking for new ways to reach your audience and build authentic relationships.
  • You aren’t connecting confidently with your ideal clients.
  • Your marketing efforts aren’t converting interest into sales.
  • You want to make an impact in the world, but people don’t seem to understand the value you bring.

Is this you?  Then I have another question for you:  Are you using your own personal voice on your website to engage customers and clients?

The answer is simple.  Your audience needs to hear your voice.

Your voice is an incredibly powerful tool that you can immediately start employing to connect with your audience.  Communicate with your prospects in the most natural way you can–with your own, authentic voice.

The connection you have to the people you’re speaking to is the currency your business depends on. If you’re not stepping up to the microphone with confidence and a compelling message, you will not convert.

So what’s stopping you?  Do you hate hearing your own voice?  Are you feeling overwhelmed about buying and learning the technology needed to record your own narration?  You know you need to record audio to grow your audience, but where do you even start?

It’s okay, I’m here to help!

The work I do is designed to get you up and running quickly (and easily).

There are two ways you can work with me:

If you’re in the do-it-yourself crowd, I coach you via phone and email. We’ll cover both technology and technique.  Learn more about narration coaching.

Want it to be even easier?  No problem!  With done-for-you audio, you get to skip the technology part entirely.  Learn more about Done-For-You audio!

Audio can grab potential clients’ attention and help you stand out from the pack. It doesn’t have to be hard! Learn to do it yourself with my help, or have You Sound Great! do it for you.

Share your voice. Be heard! Schedule a complimentary consultation now to learn how You Sound Great can help!



The key to great audio


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